Jim Andreoni

2013 SPI Subaward Winner (Large Grant)
2014 SPI Research Advisory Board

University of California, San Diego

Bio: James Andreoni is a Professor of Economics at the University of California, San Diego. He studies Public Finance, Experimental and Behavioral Economics, and Decision Making He is a recipient of a Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship, and a Fellow of the Econometric Society. Andreoni has studied why people give to charities, how donations are influenced by the charitable deduction in personal income taxes, whether donations are "crowded out" or "crowded in" by government grants to charities, and how fund-raising by charities reacts to these competing influences on their donors. Andreoni has also focused on the social and personal motivations for altruism and giving, including “warm-glow,” social gratification, and self-image maintenance. He is the author of several review articles on philanthropy, including most recently, "Charitable Giving," in the 2013 volume of the Handbook of Public Economics.

2013 Large Grant Award

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Publications and Working Papers

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1.Introduction to Charitable Giving and Fundraising Special issueDec 2014