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SPI's first Open House Event Held at GSU

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Michael PriceAndrew YoungOn Thursday, March 14th, SPI held an open house at Georgia State University to introduce ourselves to the thought leaders of Atlanta’s philanthropic community. Edie Dobrez, Shannon Price, and I welcomed more than 15 distinguished guests. The aim of the event was to explain SPI’s mission and start building relationships with the local philanthropic community.

We were honored to begin the event with opening remarks by Ambassador Andrew Young who discussed the importance of philanthropy in today’s world. I followed by discussing the importance of injecting science into philanthropy and using experimental methods to uncover the most effective ways for a charity to attract and maintain donors. I provided examples of our basic approach to philanthropy by highlighting important lessons learned through past partnerships with the non-profit community (my presentation). This lead to a lively discussion amongst the attendees about the challenges facing the industry and ways in which SPI could help them raise more money. Edie closed the event by announcing the SPI Idea contest.

We are grateful for the valuable suggestions and insights we received during the Open House. We realize that the ultimate success of SPI hinges on the relationships we are able to build with the philanthropic community. The Open House was a first step in this direction as we were able to begin a dialogue that will shape the types of questions we explore.

One suggestion from the Open House that we are actively pursuing is the formation of an advisory board comprised of practitioners and thought leaders. I look forward to working with the attendees and others in the non-profit community moving forward. Together we will be able to change the charitable marketplace and improve the practice of philanthropy.

Event resources:
    - Slides from my presentation.
    - Slides from my talk: Field Experiments on Charity: Understanding Why People Give.
    - SPI Idea Contest.
    - Resources for practitioners.

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Michael Price

Michael Price an Associate Professor of Economics in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University and a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

His research interests include experimental and behavioral economics, the economics of charity, environmental economics, and industrial organization. Michael has worked with many different charitable organizations to understand donor behavior and design effective fund-raising strategies. He has also worked with a number of public utilities to implement large-scale field experiments designed to uncover the most effective ways to promote conservation efforts and the adoption of energy efficient technologies by residential customers.

Website: spihub.org/mprice