Jean Decety


University of Chicago

Bio: Jean Decety is Irving B. Harris Professor at the University of Chicago and the College, with a primary appointment in the Department of Psychology and a secondary appointment in the Department of Psychiatry.

Jean's research program investigates the neurobiological and cognitive mechanisms underpinning social cognition, particularly emotion, empathy, moral reasoning, pro-social behavior and more generally interpersonal processes. Jean will provide SPI with guidance on merging developmental psychology with behavioral economics, and will focus on the study of moral reasoning and empathy as it relates to giving.

Publications and Working Papers

#TitleDatePublishedSPI Funded
1.The Curious Relation Between Theory of Mind and Sharing in Preschool Age ChildrenApr 2015
2.The Neural Pathways, Development and Functions of EmpathyJan 2015
3.The Neuroscience of Implicit Moral Evaluation and Its Relation to Generosity in Early Childhood Jan 2015
4.An EEG/ERP Investigation of the Development of Empathy in Early and Middle ChildhoodApr 2015
5.The Complex Relation between Morality and EmpathyApr 2015
6.Empathy and Motivation for Justice: Cognitive Empathy and Concern, but Not Emotional Empathy, Predict Sensitivity to Injustice for OthersApr 2015
7.The Development of Generosity and Moral Cognition across CulturesAug 2015
8.Precursors to Morality in Development: A Complex Interplay between Neural, Socio-environmental, and Behavioral FacetsAug 2015