Roman Sheremeta

2014 SPI Subaward Winner (Small Grant)

Case Western Reserve University

Bio: Roman Sheremeta is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and a Research Associate at the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University. His main research interests include experimental and behavioral economics, conflict and conflict resolution, and game theory. He has published 37 articles in a variety of academic journals. According to RePEc, Dr. Sheremeta is ranked among the Top Young Economists worldwide.

2014 Small Grant Award

Co-PIs: Neslihan Uler

Reasearch Question: The Impact of Taxes on Giving

Abstract: * coming soon *

Publications and Working Papers

#TitleDatePublishedSPI Funded
1.Recognizing Contributors: An Experiment on Public GoodsDec 2014
2.When Identifying Contributors is Costly: An Experiment on Public GoodsJan 2015