Uri Gneezy

2013 SPI Subaward Winner (Large Grant)
2014 SPI Research Advisory Board

University of California, San Diego

Bio: Uri Gneezy is the Epstein/Atkinson Endowed Chair in Behavioral Economics, Professor of Economics & Strategy, at the Rady School of Management, UC San Diego. As a researcher, Gneezy's focus is on putting behavioral economics to work in the real world, where theory can meet application. Gneezy is looking for basic research as well as more applied approaches to such topics as incentives-based interventions to increase good habits and decrease bad ones, fundraising, Pay-What-You-Want pricing, and the detrimental effects of small and large incentives. In addition to the traditional laboratory and field studies, he currently works with several firms, conducting experiments in which he is using basic findings from behavioral economics to help companies achieve their traditional goals in non-traditional ways.

2013 Large Grant Award

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Publications and Working Papers

#TitleDatePublishedSPI Funded
1.Putting Behavioral Economics to Work: Testing for Gift Exchange in Labor Markets Using Field ExperimentsDec 2014
2.Avoiding Overhead Aversion in CharityJan 2015