Partner with SPI Researchers

A unique aspect of SPI’s work is our partnerships with community organizations. We believe that all organizations that engage in soliciting donations would benefit from learning more about different methods that encourage donors to give. We are looking for organizations that would be interested in a partnership that involves developing new solicitation mechanisms, tailored to the specific donor base, and testing them in the field.

SPI researchers use a rigorous, evidence-based approach and real world data from philanthropic organizations to investigate key questions in the field of philanthropy. This approach allows us to create empirically validated tools that organizations can use to increase giving and improve solicitations, while minimizing costs.

There are two ways to be involved: the first is to join our mailing list, attend our conferences and webinars, and use the resources available here on this site. The second, and even more exciting, way, is to partner with us on a research idea and implement this idea at your organization.

Partnership Benefits
  • Unique opportunity to be part of the transformative initiative that will affect current fundraising/giving climate
  • Potential for increased donations
  • Access to world-renowned researchers who can advise your organization in design and implementation of development initiatives
  • Receive individualized reports detailing the experiment and results, allowing for a deeper organizational understanding of donor base
  • Opportunity to present with SPI at conferences and panels
  • Recognition on SPI materials
  • All organizations, both within the US and around the world, are welcome to apply to work with us
  • We encourage evaluation of different solicitation mechanisms, including phone-based, mailings, and door-to-door campaigns
  • We are interested both in working with large and small organizations
Next Steps
  • If you are interested in a partnership, please fill out this brief survey to help us better understand your organization or email Edie Dobrez and set up a time to have a short call.
  • During the call, we will discuss your needs, most pressing problems, size and location of your donor base, and the solicitation mechanism you are most interested in exploring
  • We will discuss whether your organization would prefer to work with us directly on a research study, or if your organization will participate in conferences and webinars for now
  • As you prepare for the call, you can read more about the different ways in which researchers and organizations have increased giving in the resources page.